How to export preliminary payroll information

How to export preliminary payroll information

Mirro makes it easy for you to export preliminary payroll data for your payroll supplier of choice.

This data includes information about leave of absence or work away. The information is being extracted from the rules which have impacts payroll setting active. Also included, employment contracts details offer information about possible changes in salary or conditions, newcomers contracts or leavers contracts. Data can be exported for entire months separately, with an additional year filter for easy handling.

To export the information you will need to access the Preliminary payroll module.

1. Overview and actions
  1. Yearly calendar - You can export payroll and attendance data for each past month, using the overview and years selector
  2. Export Timekeeping offers a downloadable .xlsx file which indicates detailed attendance for each day of the selected month and types of leave used if any
  3. Export Payroll offers a downloadable .xlsx file containing both attendances, as well as employment contract data detailed for each user

2. Closing a month

In Mirro you have the possibility to decide if a month should be closed or not. Closing a month implies that adding new leave or work away requests with impact over payroll will be unavailable for users.

This will help you make sure that exported data cannot be change for the selected month and payroll data will remain consistent throughout the year.

Closing a month will fail if there are unresolved requests. You will be prompted to resolve all pending leave or work away requests. Closing a month is not mandatory in order to export timekeeping and payroll data. 

3. Timekeeping export details

See attendance details for your employees.

The report highlights:

  1. Public holidays / bank holidays
  2. Attendance - if users have an employment contract in Mirro, their respective quota is shown, if not, the default setting is “present”
  3. Leave is shown by each leave type used from rules defined by company admins.

4. Payroll export details
See more details about the payroll data for your employees. 

The report highlights: 
  1. Attendance totals - offering details about the total number of working days, bank holidays, free days and much more
  2. New comers contract details - if new employees were registered in the month exported
  3. Leavers contract details - if contracts terminations were registered in the month exported
  4. Contract updates - if any updates for the contracts were registered in the month exported
  5. Dependents - if any dependents are associated in the month exported

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