How to define the settings of your personal profile

How to define the settings of your personal profile

Defining your personal profile it was never easier with Mirro. You have the possibility to update details as your profile photo, bio - a short description of yourself or the notifications list. 

Manage your own profile settings. 

All you have to do is to access your Personal Profile > Settings section and you will be prompted to the first sub-section General Settings

In General Settings you will be able to define the language in which the application should be displayed. You can select either English, Romanian, Spanish or Portuguese.  Once you selected the new language, it is recommended to log-out and log-in again in the application. Now, all the content will be displayed in the language desired, including notifications. 

In the Privacy section you will be able to determine if you birthday date should be public or private. Once the birthday date is public, it will be displayed in the Birthday Card available on My Mirro - homepage, for all users. 

In the Notifications section you will be able to determine which notifications should be active or disabled. There will be multiple notifications, but worry not as you will find them on different categories, from time-off notifications up to weekly newsletter. Based on your access rights you will have different notifications to check or uncheck.  

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