How to define standard contract templates

How to define standard contract templates

Employment Contracts are a delicate subject to handle, but using Mirro everything gets easier. You will be able to define specific contracts for each employee faster and with considerably less room for errors.

Define as many types / standard contracts as you will use and come back for specific customization at all times.
Mirro supports Contracts of Indefinite Duration, for Defined Period, Internship and Zero-Hour Contracts.

Start defining different types of Employment Contracts

To define a new contract template in Mirro, you will need to access the Admin area module > Standard contracts section and use the option Add new contract type. A new form will be available which should be filled-in with the contract details that you would like to have in the application: 
- Name field -  the name of the template 
- Term field - the type of the term, which can be indefinite term, fixed term, zero hour or apprenticeship
- Vacation field - represents the field about the vacation days stipulated in contract. Please note that this field is pure informative, without replacing the leave rules which you can set-up based on the How to set-up leave details article. 
- Additional vacation field - represents the field where you will be able to specify if the user is going to have any extra days-off stipulated in contract. Please note that this field is pure informative, without replacing the leave rules which you can set-up based on the How to set-up leave details article. 
- Trial period, resignation notice and notice period  fields - will give you the possibility to define the period which the user should stay if the contract is interrupted.
- Quota - the daily quota of the user.
- Weekly quota - the weekly quota of the user.
- Working address - the address of the user.

Once all the details were added, do not forget to save all the information. After saving the information, the template will be available in the list offering you the possibility to update it at any time. 

Defining the contracts templates in the application will make it easier for you to activate a contract for any user. The details specified in the contract will have impact on the preliminary payroll exports, as based on the contracts the quota will be exported in the reports. 

You can add multiple templates, depending on your needs. Once all templates were defined, you will be able to activate the contracts in the application. 

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