How to add a flexi time request

How to add a flexi time request

With Mirro you can always request some personal time-off when needed. 

Add a new flexi-time request

To add a new request, you will need to access the Flexi time module > My Flexi time section. You will have two options: 
- Request a few hours leave 
Request a few recovered hours or hours in advance
Based on your request the balance will be updated accordingly. For example, it may happen to need to have some hours off. To do so, you will need to use the option Request a few hours leave. Define the hours which you will be missing and hit the OK option. Based on the rules defined you will be able to select how many hours to miss. If the rule is defined with 4 hours, you will be able to request 4 hours of leave. 

After selecting the option OK, a new form will be open for you, to fill-in the details of the day when you need the time-off. Mirro makes it easy for you to select a day, by offering you the possibility to select today, tomorrow or another day from the calendar. If you feel the need, you can also leave a comment to let your direct coordinator / manager know the reason why you will be missing some hours. 

After submitting your request, it will appear in the list having the pending status. In the same time, the balance will be updated accordingly, showing you that you have to recover 4 hours. 

To adjust the balance back to 0, you will need to add a second request, of recovered hours. After adding a new request and once it is approved, the balance will be updated accordingly. 

A flexi-time request can have the following statuses: 
Open - Pending: A request which has been performed and needs approval from the time-off approver 
Open - Pending Cancellation: A request which has been added, approved by the time-off approver, cancelled by the user and needs approval from the direct coordinator to be cancelled
Closed - Approved: A request which has been approved by the time-off approver. 
Closed - Declined: A request which has been declined by the time-off approver.
Closed - Cancelled: A request which has been cancelled by the user. 

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